We are a dedicated, caring personnel, and our objective is to provide healthy, high-quality Mini Piglets that have been responsibly bred and have passed all health examinations. Because everyone is entitled to a wonderful pet.

We don’t have any infants for you to view at our sales office. You have the option of picking up your baby at our shelter or having it delivered to your house.

We will transport your child to the nearest international airport.

If you can’t arrange a direct flight to your city with your pet, you’ll need to bring a babysitter with you. The cost of a nanny on a plane varies depending on your destination. We deploy nannies overseas.

How do I know you’re a legitimate business?

We are a well-known company, and we stand behind our brand and the high quality of our mini pig rentals. We welcome you to look us up and read our testimonials to discover what our satisfied customers have to say about us. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How much do your piglets cost?

Our costs vary according on the kind, color, and quality of the piglets. Our piglets are of high grade. We dislike piglet mills, and our piglets are loved and cared for around the clock. They are raised by persons who are very skilled at what they do. We make certain that they eat properly and keep healthy so that they can settle into their new home without incident.

How long will your piglets live?

They may live as long as ordinary size piglets if properly cared for in terms of nutrition and lifestyle.

What age are your piglets?

Our offered piglets are all at least 9 weeks old.

Do you guarantee your piglets’ health?

All of our infants come with a one-year guarantee.

What exactly is a Special Order?

There is a lot of demand in our adorable piglets, and if the one you like is already gone, you may put down a $500 deposit and ask us to locate a comparable one for you. Face, quality, gender, color, and size all match. Your initial charge is also non-refundable, and the piglet is only kept for you for seven days once we locate the piglet you like. The $500 charge is applied to the total cost of your Special Order piglet. If you want to know how long it will take to locate a certain infant, please phone us.Deposits are non-refundable. Please be certain that you really want to bring a pet into your house before putting down a deposit.

*Your deposit is valid for seven calendar days when you make a Special Order. If you haven’t paid in full within seven calendar days of us finding the piglet you desire, the piglet is no longer reserved for you. Please contact our agent for additional information.