Q: How Does Shipping & Pricing Work?

Unless otherwise stated, all piglets are $500. We ask a $300 payment to reserve your place in line.  When your piglet of choice is 5 weeks old, the remaining $500 plus tax is payable.  We do not charge an additional fee for blue eyes or unusual colouring.  You may be asking why our prices are so much lower, or almost half of what other breeders charge.  The solution is straightforward.  We just want to pay all of our expenses and earn enough to keep the company running.  Please read all of our wonderful client reviews to see for yourself!

There is shipping available to all places inside and outside of the United States for mini piglets. Shipping costs depend on where you live. The cost of shipping includes airfare, the shipping box (also called a “pet taxi”), a health certificate from a vet, and a care package for the piglet. The package includes a bag of the food the mini piglet is used to eating and advice on how to take care of it. Most deliveries are made from counter to counter. Mini piglets will ride in a room that is sealed and has temperature control. Shipping by plane costs between $120.00 and $200.00, depending on the location and the company.

NB: Most companies that move pets use a type of box called a “electronic crate” that can control the temperature. These kinds of boxes can be used at any time because they can be set to the best temperature for the piglet(s).